JRS appeal for Somalis
In the midst of one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent times affecting the Horn of Africa, the Jesuit Refugee Service has announced plans to step up ongoing work for Somalis in Ethiopia and Kenya, and establish new services in the former.

We have been serving Somalis for many years and are aware of their needs. We are preparing to help increased flows of traumatised survivors restore normality to their lives. This is a long-term commitment, as psychosocial and education services are key to helping bring stability to refugees' lives. As our budget is already stretched, we urge the public to help us out in whatever way possible.

While the number of Somali refugees served by JRS at the moment is relatively low, the types of services offered, such as counselling, are resource intensive. Notwithstanding, if, as expected, JRS begins offering education services in Dollo Ado camp in Ethiopia, this number will increase dramatically. We are now seeking resources for this new intervention.

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