Theology, spirituality and ethics, a basis of the JRS mission
Two years ago at Boston College some leading members of JRS met together with moral and social theologians to see about building a bridge between theology and JRS.

Eventually a theologian simply asked, what can we concretely do? Each of us had read a number of JRS stories and someone simply suggested that maybe we could do short reflections on these stories.

But what would the agenda for these reflections be? It was one thing that we theologians reflect on these brief but very human and poignant stories, but what dimension of these narratives should we reflect upon? What would serve to connect all the stories and their reflections? What would be the glue to make them cohere?

Certainly, JRS had to set the agenda. Eventually it was proposed that we enter into the Strategic Framework 2012-2015 and use as our foundation the seven JRS values: compassion, hope, dignity, solidarity, hospitality, justice, and participation.

In turn, we selected, from among the many stories, seven that matched the JRS values. Then we gave to each of the seven theologians a specific value with its correlated story and asked for brief but hopefully very human and illuminating reflection.

We hope you find our project helpful as you take JRS strategically ahead.

James F Keenan SJ, Jesuit priest and member of the Theology Department at Boston College


JRS aspires to be hospitality in action. We walk alongside, accompany and offer hospitality to the most vulnerable, those "at the frontiers of humanity", giving priority to situations of great need, in places where a more universal good may be achieved, and to needs to which others are not attending.

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JRS is committed to a justice that empowers refugees to become "people with a voice of their own", working together with them to challenge systems that deny human rights.

JRS aims to give hope to refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. We provide a spiritual and practical response to their plight.

JRS is a work of the Society of Jesus, carrying out the Society's mission of faith and justice through humble and respectful service in solidarity with refugees from diverse cultures, nationalities and religions.

JRS upholds the principle of subsidiarity, endeavouring to be openly accountable for its work and transparent in its decision-making. We work in partnership with other religious congregations, humanitarian organisations and with refugees themselves, encouraging co-responsibility, discernment and participative decision-making.