Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic organisation, at work in more than 50 countries, which has a mission to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees and displaced people. Established by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1980, JRS is a worldwide network of associates and institutions of this Catholic religious order. It serves refugees, offering them practical and spiritual support, according to their humanitarian needs, regardless of their beliefs.

Who can join JRS?

JRS seeks volunteers and staff who share its vision of accompanying refugees and who are prepared for its complex tasks. JRS volunteers and staff may be lay persons, Jesuits or members of a religious congregation. JRS seeks specialists in education, counselling, rehabilitation, management and related fields, and especially with experience in training others. There are also needs for people with technical skills, especially in communication, law, agriculture and small-scale development work.

What qualities does JRS require?

In addition to the obvious desire to serve refugees and asylum seekers, human maturity, considerable flexibility of temperament and a capacity to understand refugees and their circumstances without losing objectivity, these five qualities are essential:

  • commitment to training others,
  • capacity for teamwork and community living,
  • acceptance of a simple lifestyle,
  • openness to share in a faith journey,
  • precise professional expertise to offer.

JRS Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Country Director – Jordan

The country Director is responsible for the direction of JRS works at the country level within a JRS region. This position encompasses responsibilities such as the exploration of new needs of refugees in the country, the development and implementation of project proposals, administration of JRS country finances, the evaluation of and withdrawal from projects, staff recruitment and care, and the maintenance of relations with the local Church, the Society of Jesus, government, and international organizations.

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International Communications Coordinator

The International Communications Coordinator is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the Jesuit Refugee Service communications strategy, including the development of policies and procedures designed to facilitate coherent institutional branding. The role of coordinator is to promote JRS target audiences to take action, give a voice to refugees, support JRS advocacy activities and promote awareness of key migration-related issues. Reporting directly to the Assistant International Director, the International Communications Coordinator works closely with the International Advocacy, Fundraising and Publications Coordinators, as well as the regional communications officers. 

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Director of Development


The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international non-governmental organisation with a mission to accompany, serve, and advocate for the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people.  The organisation was founded in November 1980 and has a presence in over 45 countries. JRS undertakes services at national and regional levels with the support and guidance of an international office in Rome. 

The style of JRS service is human and spiritual, working in situations of greatest need, seeking the long-term well-being of refugees and displaced people, while not neglecting their immediate or urgent needs. The main services provided are in the field of education, emergency assistance, and psychosocial support and livelihood activities. Currently, more than 759,000 individuals are direct beneficiaries of JRS projects. 

JRS offers opportunities to a wide variety of staff, local and international, while maintaining a realistic and localised scheme of salary/stipend, insurance, etc.  


The JRS International Office in Rome is the head office of the JRS. It leads the organisational strategy and provides support and guidance in the areas of programmes, finance, advocacy, communications, fundraising and human resources to nine regional offices in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. In addition, the JRS International Office coordinates and works closely with the JRS USA Office, which also engages in fundraising and donor relations.

Revenues: US $45 million of which US $11.5 million from private sources in 2014

The Director of Development will report to the JRS International Director and oversee the implementation of JRS' strategy to grow income from private sources. S/he is instrumental in developing, implementing and driving strategies to cultivate and manage relationships with existing and prospective major donors, private trusts, foundations, corporations, religious congregations and individual donors, with the aim of sustaining and increasing their financial support to JRS. This position comprises a range of responsibilities and requires working closely with the international director, senior volunteers, other fundraising and key staff in the international and regional offices, and occasionally project staff. 

Key internal contacts

International, Regional and Country Directors, key departments at International and Regional Offices (i.e. programmes, finance, communications).

Key external contacts

Individual major donors, private trusts and foundations, corporations, religious congregations, individual donors and other funding partners, i.e.  The Jesuit network.

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International Human Resources Coordinator

Operational Context/Role

The International Human Resources Coordinator, based in the International Office in Rome and reporting to the Assistant International Director, promotes policies and practices that ensure the effectiveness of JRS personnel in responding to the needs of refugees. He/she functions as the principal advisor to the International, Assistant International, Regional Directors and Regional Human Resources Officers on all human resources related matters. The Human Resources Coordinator is also responsible for coordinating and supervising human resources activities in the 10 regions where JRS has operations and the International Office as well, thereby ensuring consistency and uniformity in the implementation of human resources policies and guidelines, best practices and ultimately promoting the welfare of JRS staff worldwide.

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Mercy in Motion Campaign Social Media Associate

The social media associate will be responsible for implementing and supporting communications efforts surrounding the Mercy in Motion Campaign.  Mercy in Motion has  a goal of raising $35M in revenue in 2016 through a network of partners in addition to existing annual giving revenue.  The position will require regular updating of campaign communications, collaboration and coordination with all partners. The social media associate will work closely with the International Communications Coordinator, other communications and fundraising staff as well as programmes and finance officers to coordinate the media campaign in conjunction with overall JRS efforts. 

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Campaign Development Coordinator

The campaign coordinator will be responsible for implementing and supporting efforts surrounding the Mercy in Motion Campaign.  Mercy in Motion has a goal of raising $35M in revenue in 2016 through a network of partners in addition to existing annual giving revenue.  The position will require management of communications, collaboration and coordination with all partners. The campaign coordinator will work closely with the director of development, fundraising and communications staff as well as programmes and finance officers to coordinate the campaign in conjunction with overall JRS efforts. 

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Coordinateur d’objectif IT Manager

Le coordonnateur objectif est chargé de coordonner la mise en œuvre du projet à travers les activités de terrain. Il assume la responsabilité directe dans le domaine, en étroite collaboration avec le Directeur de Projet.
Avec le Directeur de projet qui prend en charge la planification et la coordination, il / elle entretient des contacts et un dialogue régulier sur tous les aspects concernant l'identification des besoins, la collecte de données pour l'élaboration de projets, la production du «projet de proposition de projet», la planification et la mise en œuvre du projet sans ignorer la gestion du personnel affecté au projet. Ensemble, ils assurent la réalisation des objectifs du projet, tout en respectant les indicateurs de résultats.
Techniquement, sous la direction et la supervision directe du Directeur de projet, le Coordonnateur d'Objectif fournit un appui technique quotidien pour les utilisateurs d'outils de gestion de l'information et d'infrastructures technologiques.
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English as a Foreign Language on-site Facilitator

Project Description:

Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins (JC:HEM) aims to bring Jesuit higher education to those at the margins of society. JC:HEM's volunteer International Faculty staff are drawn from institutions of higher education around the world.

Academically JC:HEM offers (a) a three year Diploma in Liberal Studies and (b) several “Community Learning Service Tracks” (CSLTs). CSLTs try to respond to specific needs within the community, seeking to enhance local vocational education, and developing skills that can be applied in the daily lives of those at the margins. CSLTs lead to a certificate, awarded jointly by the University supporting the curriculum, JC:HEM, and JRS. Certification opens the potential for incentive work and other opportunities for refugees. At the same time, CSLTs are also intended to prepare participants with the skills necessary for admission and successful study in the Diploma programme.

JC:HEM, in partnership with JRS, currently offers online higher education courses to more than 500 refugees in Malawi, Kenya, Jordan, Afghanistan and Thailand, and has now expanded to Chad. In Chad JRS / JC:HEM has been offering a CSLT in “English as a Foreign Language” (EFL) at Djabal camp, since January 2015. Up to twenty students from the camp can enrol in the Track – we will have multiple tracks running at the same time.


The EFL CSLT on-site Facilitator will be the person in charge of locally teaching the Track. As with other CSLTs, EFLCSLT will consist of 150 hours of instruction offered over fifteen weeks, with additional practicum hours required for some offerings (and with up to 3 hours per week on-line). In addition, the role will also have a coordination element, liaison with JC:HEM, JRS field and country office staff.

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International volunteers
There are currently no volunteer positions available in the organisation