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Frequently words are not enough to explain the dramatic situations in which forcibly displaced persons live. This section tries to bring you closer to the lives of refugees through with the presentation of audiovisual materials.

Defending the rights of refugees and the forcibly displaced
A vital part of the mission of the Jesuit Refugee Service is to defend the rights of refugees and migrants throughout the world. JRS advocates for just and generous policies for the benefit of victims of forced displacement, so that those made vulnerable by exile can receive support and protection and durable solution to their plight can be found.

South Sudan: every day we are here

Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins Valedictorian Speech

Pontifex Hear Us

South Sudan: learning in emergencies

South Sudan: investing in peace

South Africa: radio interview with Country Director, Johan Viljoen

Lebanon: learning is the way forward. I'm not a number

Kenya: journey to self-reliance

World Refugee Day 2015: push forward, not back

Ethiopia/Chad: education is hope for refugees

Europe: we can regain our security be ensuring dignity for all people

Southern Africa: What does it really mean to accompany?

Middle East: accompaniment

Kenya: counselling services help refugees in Kakuma begin to heal

Jesuit Refugee Service USA serves immigration detainees

Accompanying people in detention

Asia Pacific, when home is not a safe place

Lebanon: space to learn

South Sudan: education is protection

The other Syria, working for peace

Drops of Hope in the Mediterranean Sea

France: Jesuit Refugee Service Welcome Project, the host family experience

France: JRS Welcome Project, the refugee experience

Higher education at the margins: Mary McFarland at TEDxGeorgetown

Jesuits respond to statelessness problem in the Dominican Republic

Jesuit higher education programme at Kakuma refugee camp

A learning experience at Kakuma refugee camp

Sanctuary and Sustenance: refugee images on the Church of Gesù

Democratic Republic of Congo: education prevents violence and discrimination against women

Syria: witnessing the hope and resilience of Syrians

Syria: the destruction of Deir Vartan

International: JRS takes global approach to urban refugee issues

International: Lend your leg

Jordan: bringing higher education to refugees

Burundi: returnees

Papua New Guinea: bishop calls on NGOs to advocate for refugees

Colombia: displacement disproportionately affects the Afro community

Venezuela: women refugees, different faces same stories

Panama: living in limbo, the story of Denis Mecha

Panama: trapped in paradise

International: bringing higher education to refugees

Haiti: failure of reconstruction in part due to the international community

USA: broken immigration system separates families

Haiti: JRS aims to provide education

Kino Border Initiative

Democratic Republic of Congo: fishing in troubled waters, life in the camps

Democratic Republic of Congo: fishing in troubled waters, Pascal's story

Democratic Republic of Congo: fishing in troubled waters, impunity

Democratic Republic of Congo: fishing in troubled waters, the jets

Democratic Republic of Congo: fishing in troubled waters, the houses

JRS services for urban refugees

JRS focus on urban refugees

Jesuit Refugee Service and urban refugees

JRS accompanies urban refugees

Cluster bombs

Haiti: JRS on the border of the Dominican Republic

JRS urges nations to ban landmines

Haiti: Building a future

Democratic Republic of Congo: fishing in troubled waters, Goma

Democratic Republic of Congo: fishing in troubled waters, the camps

Democratic Republic of Congo: fishing in troubled waters, the future

Thailand: urban refugee programmes

International solutions needed for migration issues

Refugee protection and solutions in urban areas

USA: comprehensive immigration reform a moral imperative

JRS mission is bound by accompaniment

USA: JRS ministers to detainees

Jesuit Refugee Service and accompaniment

Jesuit Refugee Service - Grands Lacs

Jesuit Refugee Service - Eastern Africa

Jesuit Refugee Service - West Africa

Jesuit Refugee Service - Latin America and Caribbean

Ecuador: refugee crisis simmers

South Asia: JRS accompanies Bhutanese refugees

Jesuit Refugee Service - Europe

The Legacy of Pedro Arrupe

Reconciliation and Peace

Kino Border Initiative responds to migrants in need