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Refugee women - responding to the needs of survivors
Thailand: rising up against sexual violence
Bangkok, 8 March 2013 – Throughout the past decade, international policy makers have placed violence against women during conflict higher on policy agenda, and much has been achieved in parts of the world, but little progress has been made in countries like Burma, where rape is used as a "weapon against those who only want to live in peace". Forced to flee to neighbouring countries like Thailand, many women are in urgent need of psychosocial support, international protection, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives.
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Ecuador: telling her story, singing
Quito, 8 March 2013 – Life of refugee women is doubly difficult. The testimony of this Colombian refugee woman demonstrates the multiple difficulties that a mother of four children has to face, fleeing various kinds of violence at home, and now crisscrossing Quito trying to avoid the local police in an effort to make ends meet selling her craftwork.
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Democratic Republic of Congo: education prevents violence and discrimination against women
Goma, 7 March 2013 – For women from eastern Congo, leaving the village or camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) to go harvest the fields or look for firewood frequently puts them at risk of sexual violence, including rape, by rebel groups, soldiers or unscrupulous civilians, as well as discrimination and social marginalisation daily.
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Jordan: the self-empowerment of women
Amman, 5 March 2013 – The life-skills class is packed. Up to 40 women fill the classroom and there is a lively atmosphere as Furdous, their teacher from Iraq, makes them go over the English alphabet yet again.
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India: refugee camps put women at risk of violence
Trichy, 31 October, 2012 – For 30 years, civil war devastated Sri Lanka, forcing many Tamils to seek safety in southern India. While Tamil Nadu may be safer than home, for women in the 112 refugee camps across the state, 'safer' is not enough.
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Ethiopia: Somali women refugees, more hopeful now than ever
Dollo Ado, 16 April 2012 – Everything about the demeanour of the Somali refugees in Melkadida camp who participated in the International Women's Day celebrations last month encapsulated their desire and hope for change.

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Democratic Republic of Congo: raped and abandoned in North Kivu
International Women's Day

Goma, 8 March 2012 – Danilo Giannese of JRS Great Lakes describes the dilemma facing women in eastern Congo who have to risk sexual violence in order to make ends meet. Contributing to ending this unacceptable climate of brutality is the 2012 focus for JRS in the region.

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Venezuela: women, a friendship that heals wounds
Caracas, 20 September 2011– Beside the main motorway there is a dirt road which seems to end in a ditch of earth and stones. Little by little slanted shanty houses begin to appear.
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South Africa: promoting self-sufficiency among vulnerable refugee women
Johannesburg, 8 April 2011 – The fact that there are no refugee camps in South Africa is an opportunity for many to find employment and rebuild their lives. They do not face any restrictions on their freedom of movement and, at least in theory, are entitled to many of the same social services as South Africans.

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Kenya: when resettlement is the only long-term option
Achuei is a 26 year-old Sudanese woman. She left Sudan in 1992, after her home was attacked and she became separated from the rest of her family. She was brought to Kakuma refugee camp, northern Kenya, where she started primary school. However, in 1993 her father arrived in Kakuma from Sudan. He stopped her from attending school and the following year, when she was 14 years old, he forced her to marry a man against her will. When she refused, the young man took her and nearly beat her to death; he later raped her in front of his relatives.
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