South Africa: detention of separated children
How South Africa puts children first

On 13 September 2004 a ground breaking judicial decision was reached by the South African Pretoria High Court regarding the detainment of migrant children. The High Court held that detained non-national children must be dealt with under domestic laws governing the protection of South African children.

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Detention as a migration-control tool

Putting human rights first

The right of states to manage migration flows is subject to their obligations to protect refugees. In fact, the 1951 UN Refugee Convention prohibits states from penalising refugees simply for seeking asylum. Nevertheless arbitrary immigration detention is widely used as a migration control tool. Policies that restrict the movement of refugees carry with them immense human and social costs.

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Cambodia: Appropriate education not possible in closed centres

Monotony of daily life de-motivates students

Montagnards, ethnic Vietnamese, form the largest group of refugees in Cambodia. Unlike other refugees in the country, known as urban refugees, Montagnards are held in a number of closed sites guarded by police officers in the capital, Phnom Penh. The sites are practically detention centres as residents are only permitted to leave for medical reasons. This policy hinders the provision of education services to this group, and consequently negatively affects their mental health.

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