Voices of Faith

Voices of Faith advances the role of women in the Catholic Church and supports them in their infinite potential to create meaningful change for the common good, contributing fully to the life of the Catholic Church and to wider society.

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Vatican: Women stir the waters at Voices of Faith storytelling event
Vatican City, 10 March 2017 – On International Women’s Day, powerful women from different parts of the world gathered at the Casina Pia IV in the heart of the Vatican for the annual storytelling event Voices of Faith, co-hosted by the Fidel Gotz Foundation and the Jesuit RefugeeService.
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Chad: Promoting girls education through theatre
Iriba, 28 November 2016 - “Our society thinks that daughters are only for reproduction, for taking care of the children at home and for looking after the household. This view demotes women, their image and their role in society” says Nafisa, a librarian at the JRS Youth Centre in Amnabak Refugee Camp.
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Vatican City: International Women's Day – knocking on the Church's door
Vatican City, 9 March 2016 – Yesterday, at the Casina Pia IV in the heart of the Vatican, powerful women made their voices count this International Women's Day at the Voices of Faith event co-hosted by the Fidel Gotz Foundation and the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS). The event's theme "Mercy requires courage" stemmed from the Jubilee Year of Mercy and Pope Francis's call for believers to make their mercy  a concrete reality as opposed to an abstract idea.
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'What women want' -- Voices of Faith storytelling event in the Vatican
Vatican City, 4 March 2016 -- For International Women's Day on 8 March, at the Casina Pio IV in the heart of the Vatican, the Voices of Faith storytelling event will take place. With the theme "Mercy requires courage," it will feature and celebrate extraordinary faithful women from nine countries on five continents who exemplify the courage required to live merciful lives.
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Voices of Faith celebrating Intl. Women’s Day in the Vatican
Voices of Faith and Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) invite you to learn more about the 3rd Voices of Faith female storytelling festival and this year's motto “Mercy requires Courage”. At this occasion the partnership between Voices of Faith and JRS based on their common values will officially be announced: The importance of education at large, particularly for females. Education is a fundamental key in improving the social and economic situation for women and their families.
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Malawi: women refugees as community leaders
Dzaleka, 24 February 2016 – Less than one percent of refugees have access to higher education, and this percentage is even lower for refugee women. Since 2010, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) along with Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins (JC:HEM), has been offering tertiary education for refugees in Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi. The beginning of 2016 marked an incredible new chapter for these programmes: for the first time, half of the enrolments to the Community Health course are young women.
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Yemen: 'women and girls started to disappear'
Addis Ababa, 15 September 2015 -- "I could not stay. The rebels controlled the roadblocks," says Safia, a young woman who fled Yemen for Ethiopia. "They think that women are objects, like a chair or a window."
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