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We stand with South Sudan

More than 3.3 million South Sudanese are currently displaced - the fastest-growing refugee population of the 2016, with an increase of 64 per cent during the second half of the year. Added to the famine and  the economic crisis (inflation rated at more than 800%) this has created a humanitarian crisis in South Sudan of unprecedented proportions. Millions of people go hungry and hundreds of thousands are at risks of dying of starvation unless the guns stop.

In the midst of many challenges, JRS South Sudan continues investing in education, psychosocial and pastoral activities in Yambio and Maban. They provide education as a protection measure to avoid force conscription and preventing early marriage, but also to prepare the future generation to learn how to settle disputes through dialogue and negotiation rather than violence and arms. They offer psychosocial support in order to help people heal from the wounds of trauma and overcome adversities. There are pastoral activities to celebrate life in the midst of so much death and devastation and proclaim that God has not abandoned God's people.

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South Sudan: Self-sufficiency for children with disabilities and their families
Maban, 10 September 2018 - The Jesuit Refugee Service in Maban, South Sudan works with Joy, Kifaya, and families like theirs raising children with disabilities in an already challenging environment. 
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World Humanitarian Day - South Sudan: It is a passion
Yambio, 19 August 2018 – After three years working with JRS, Mr Omollo, the JRS Project Director in Yambio, South Sudan, says he has learned that humanitarian work is not just like any other work – it is a passion.
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South Sudan: Fostering peace through sports
Yambio, 10 August 2018 – Imagine a world where sport is used to settle conflicts instead of violence. Wishful thinking? Not at all. A JRS Yambio project in South Sudan has made this a reality. 
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South Sudan: The spirit of success
Maban, 7 May 2018 – Maban is located in the furthest corner of the northeast of South Sudan. It is a very isolated area and the refugee camp is inaccessible at times because of armed conflict in the region.
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South Sudan: Graduation Day - coming together, learning together
Maban, 27 July 2017 - This event was remarkable not because of the number of students, and not because of the patience they showed in the heat. It was remarkable, first, because this was a graduation ceremony –their graduation ceremony.
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South Sudan: Temporary Learning Spaces
Jamman, 26 June 2017 - I am Titus from Jammam. I came to Huffra because of the fighting between the opposition and the army in the Jammam area in 2015. When I came here, JRS made the decision to build a Temporary Learning Space (TLS) for us internally displaced persons (IDPs). Eventually, I joined TLS as a teacher.
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South Sudan: A senseless war
Maban, 21 April 2017 - We are devastated by the recent turn of events here in South Sudan. After five long decades of war with the north, South Sudan became independent in 2011. Soon after that, in December 2013, the current conflict, a full scale civil war this is threatening the very existence of the youngest nation in the world.
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South Sudan: Running for refugees
Rome, 19 April 2017 - South Sudan, a brand new country wracked by famine and riven by civil war, is a troubled place in north central Africa. It is a place close to my heart. The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) where I work has been providing education services to the southern Sudanese for 24 years. Since gaining its independence in 2011, South Sudan continues to suffer. 
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Uganda: A joint appeal to end violence in South Sudan
Kampala, 15 December 2016 - On the third anniversary of the outbreak of violence in South Sudan in December 2013, the Government of Uganda Office of the Prime Minister, six UN agencies and eleven humanitarian organisations in Uganda are appealing to the world to bring an end to the suffering of the South Sudanese people.
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South Sudan: Violence Fuels Humanitarian Crisis
Juba, 28 July, 2016 – South Sudan faces a spiralling humanitarian crisis as the recent surge in fighting prevents aid agencies from providing urgent help to millions of people in need. Violence and insecurity continue in Juba and are spreading to other states despite a fragile ceasefire in a country where half the population relies on humanitarian aid, ten aid agencies warned today.
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