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Voices of Faith
An initiative of the Fidel Götz Foundation, Voices of Faith provides resources to strengthen the role of women and girls in the Universal Church, both in the field and at the Vatican. Voices of Faith works with other Catholic organisations, such as the Jesuit Refugee Service, in Africa, Asia and Latin America, to develop programmes to serve the poor and marginalised. It also maintains an active dialogue with the Vatican about the concerns of women, such as women's right to greater authority within and outside the Church. Pope Francis has inspired the initiative's work by demonstrating a will to increase the presence of women in the Church.
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Syria: examining the role of women from a humanitarian perspective in response to conflict
Syria, 13 October 2014 During the anti-apartheid years in South Africa, the phrase "strike a woman and you strike a rock" was popularised by the growing involvement of women in the struggle. In Syria, the role of women has taken on a less aggressive, but no less significant role.
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Kenya: finding purpose through healing others
Nairobi, 17 December 2014 – Grace* has lived in Kakuma refugee camp for almost as long as the camp has been in existence. She has witnessed her fellow South Sudanese refugees come and go and come back again after each bout of conflict. While she has stayed safe from a damaging war, she has not been immune from a cycle of domestic abuse common for many women refugees.
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Kenya: protection needs increase with refugee influx
Kakuma, 14 January 2015 – Without the opportunity to integrate into Kenyan society due to a strict encampment policy and with low chances of resettlement, most refugees in Kenya spend years living in refugee camps. While they are provided a physical space free from war, camps are not necessarily free from human rights abuses, particularly sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).
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