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Syria still needs peace

After seven years of conflict, the suffering of people there continues with no end in sight. It is almost impossible to describe in words what is happening and how people are feeling, but it is more crucial than ever to talk about it. Recently, Pope Francis highlighted the fact that the past few months have been some of the most violent periods in the entire conflict. “All of this is inhumane, one cannot fight evil with another evil,” he declared. 

The international community must not turn its back on a situation that requires a global approach.

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Syria: coping with struggles
Aleppo, 19 September 2018 - It is very hard to feel as though you are a “strange” in your own homeland. One has to learn to cope with the most challenging of situations.
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Syria: New beginnings
Kafroun, 30 March 2018 – The story of Nour* is a story of pain, a broken heart, and a tired soul, but it is also the story of how it is possible to restore childhood and hope amid war.
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Syria: Be love, be light
Damascus, 22 March 2018 – “Look, I’m like you now,” says Ammar*, smiling proudly and removing his glasses to demonstrate how he can completely open his eyes.
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Syria: Restoring hope
Kafroun, 19 March 2018 – Saad’s* life has been harsh since the beginning. He watched his mother abandon his family at the start of the Syrian war and has lived most of his 13 years of life in the turmoil of the ongoing conflict.
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Middle East: Seven years later, Syria still needs peace
Beirut, 15 March 2018 – The Syrian conflict is entering its 8th year, and people are still suffering. It is almost impossible to describe in words what is happening and how people are feeling, but it is more crucial than ever to talk about it. 
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Syria: Ambition has no limit
Damascus, 14 March 2018 – Yana* entered the reception room of the JRS Ibrahim Muslih Centre and proudly displayed the fruit of her labour and hard work: a certificate for having completed the 6th grade.
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Syria : Update on the situation in Damascus
22 February 2018 - The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is profoundly concerned by the violence being visited upon the civilian populations of Damascus and the Eastern Ghouta area in Syria.
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Syria: When hope returns – Amena’s story
Homs, 11 September 2017 - Amena, a thirteen-year old girl, is typical of so many other children her age and younger, who belong to what is regarded as a “lost generation”.
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Iraq: Determined to build a new life
Erbil, 02 May 2017 - There is a steely determination in Zozan. As you listen to this 25-year old woman, you know she will go places. She shares what she would like to do most in life: to learn new languages and to travel to distant lands. 
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Lebanon: ‘I want the children of the world to hear my story'
Baalbek, 24 April 2017 - Randa is a courageous woman that has braved all odds. Over the years, she has seen and experienced hunger and deprivation, bombardments and suffering, destruction and death. Randa, however, is not one to be defeated. She has an indomitable spirit. 
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