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Jesuit Refugee Service in Aleppo partners with the Palestinian Red Crescent to distribute aid to the displaced of Aleppo, Syria. (Jesuit Refugee Service)

UPDATE - 20 December 2016  

The people of Aleppo continue to live in an environment of violence even as more people are evacuated from Foah and Kafraya to the collective shelters in the Jibreen areas.

There have been practically no reports of shelling these past couple of days. It was unfortunate however, that buses meant to evacuate people were torched by some people.

Today (December 20th), the JRS team visited Jibreen-Mahalej and distributed 2000 blankets, 2000 woollen caps, 1000 packages of drinking water (6000 bottles); besides fruits and biscuits for the children. This was done in collaboration with other NGOs like Al-Taalouf, Ihsan, for Aleppo Association and Ahl Alker. Medical supplies were also distributed in collaboration with the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS). 

The activities of JRS in Homs and Damascus, remain unaffected and continue normally.

Beirut, 19 December 2016 — The situation in Aleppo continues to be a cause of great concern. The hostilities continue without ceasing. People continue to flee eastern Aleppo in large numbers. Ground reports inform us that internally displaced people — primarily women and children — flee with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing and with only a few essentials.

The numbers of displaced people seeking refuge in western Aleppo and other ‘safer’ areas continue to grow on a daily basis. Exact numbers vary based on reports from different agencies, but the fact remains that a large number of people are affected in a variety of ways. We understand there are many deaths, and many more injured — most of the injured are without access to the necessary medical care.

The western parts of Aleppo continue to be affected too; as rocket shells regularly pound what was regarded as a ‘safer’ part of the city; this has resulted in several injuries and immense material damage.

The Jesuit Refugee Service team in Aleppo continues to respond, at great risk, to the needs of the new displaced families. JRS Aleppo works in tandem with a couple of other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Efforts are now underway to deliver another consignment of medical supplies to the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) for distribution to the sick and ailing. Two thousand blankets and 2000 woolen caps are being procured and will be distributed the vulnerable in cooperation with the Al-Taalof NGO, PRCS and UNHCR.

Prayers and messages of support and solidarity for the affected people have been coming from various partners, friends and collaborators from all over. JRS Aleppo, JRS Syria and JRS Middle East and North Africa are grateful for all this. JRS continues to condemn all violence and urges all parties to cease hostilities.

Our one hope and prayer is that all violence stops and that peace returns to Syria.

You can support JRS efforts to help the affected in Aleppo and other regions of Syria. Click here to make a donation